Talus™ 2021

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Alpha-Acids: 8.9 – 9.5%

The aroma of Talus® has been described as “intense flavors of citrus, flowers, and wood… with grapefruit, stone fruit, oak, coconut, and pine.” The pine stands out as a great way to make the best Pacific Northwest IPA. Even though Talus is a daughter of Sabro, the signature coconut aroma and flavor is much softer and more subdued than how it displays in Sabro.

Talus lends itself to all types of lagers and ales.

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Experimental hop HBC 692 is a commercial release from Hop Breeding Company as Talus™. Talus is a word that represents the sloped features of rocky terrain and pays homage to the rich mountainous landscape of the Pacific Northwest and the hop’s adventurous flavor profile.

Origin Story

Talus’ bold flavor profile draws from its roots as a cultivated daughter of Sabro® Brand HBC 438. It was realeased commercially in 2020.

With its neomexicanus heritage paired with open pollination from a local Pacific Northwest hop, this exciting hop brand delivers a one-of-a-kind flavor experience.


Talus delivers big aromas of pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits and sage.

Talus® is also an interesting hop because it usually has a 1:1 ratio of alpha to beta acids. This characteristic is highly sought after by German brewers for pilsners because it helps create a more “harmonious” bitterness.


  • Alpha-Acids: 8.9 – 9.5%
  • Beta-Acids: 8.3 – 10.2%
  • Oil Content: 1 – 2.2 ml/100g
  • Contributions: Citrus, Flowers, Wood, Grapefruit, Stone Fruit, Coconut, Pine
  • Suitable for the following beer styles: Lagers to IPAs.
  • Alternatives: Sabro, Simcoe
  • Purpose of Use: Aroma
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.

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